September Tech Byte

September Tech Byte

Quick Canvas Updates

Although the month is nearly over, Canvas still has a couple of changes in store that will affect users before the month ends.


Beginning Saturday, September 27th, the Assignments link will be removed from the global navigation menu.The removal of the link is based on community demand to streamline the process for accessing assignments and should help alleviate some of the student confusion over retrieving assignments. This in mind, the absence of the Assignments button should not be reported as a technical issue. Students will still be able to access their assignments using the Assignments icon via the campus template landing page and/or the Assignments button on the course navigation menu within their courses.

In addition to the removal of the Assignments button on the global tab, the entire interface will be updated with a new background texture. A solid color will be used to create more definition. The minimization of drop shadows and bordered links will also contribute to a cleaner interface with a contrast that is less harsh on the eyes and therefore much easier to navigate.


Canvas is also enhancing its communication channels via conversations between students and instructors. Canvas will now allow the display of a sender’s email address as part of the external notifications. Instructional Technology staff will coordinate with the Canvas support team over the weekend to enable this option in the LMS global settings. This feature will allow instructors to view a student’s email address which he/she selected for their class notifications.


You can watch a short 5-minute video featuring our favorite trainer, Jordan, to learn more about all the new updates. Just click the screenshot below to be taken to the video in Vimeo.